3D Modeling

Every single detail created by hand

Necessary process preceding the creation of any visualization and animation. It consists in transferring, with attention to the smallest details, a real product into a virtual space. Once created, a 3D model can be used infinitely in any graphic design.
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Accurate representation

3D model is an exact copy of the real product
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3D model of door handle in beautiful interior scene

Created once, can be used infinitely

Once created, a 3D model can be used infinitely in any form of virtual advertising, including graphic design, visualizations, packshots, animations. They also find applications as downloadable objects in libraries for architects and as customizable products in configurators like in IKEA.
Air conditioning device in beautiful realistic interior scene

Realistic Textures

The realism of all 3D objects is acquired by the application of well-made textures. This attention to detail is what makes the quality of our works stand out. We can use ready-made textures as well as create our own, if it will positively influence our end product.
Air conditioning device in beautiful realistic interior scene
3D model of wheel based on technical drawings

No physical product is required to make a 3D model

We don't need to get a physical product to model it. We only need photos with basic dimensions or technical drawings to transfer any, even the most complex product to virtual reality. The client does not have to send parcels, and we do not have to wait for their delivery to start the order. In addition, the color variation of the product can be easily edited on the basis of the files with colors or a sampler only.

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Visualizations and Animations

Modelling is the necessary process preceding the creation of any visualization and animation. It’s always the first step, the foundation to our works.
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Product Configurators

Created models can be applied to the configurator on the website to make it easier for the customer to make a purchase decision. He can choose a product and its color or dimensional variants, and adjust it to the virtual design or other products, by placing them in one space.
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Urban & Architectural

Models of products can be uploaded to the website, to allow architects download them and use them in their projects. This increases the chances of the architect’s client eventually buying the product.
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Having a library of textures may be crucial for many companies selling floors, wallpapers etc. Custom made textures can be made basing on good quality pictures.

Our Process

Environment Design

Let’s take a look at things you have on your mind.

How much does the product visualization cost?

It’s the most commonly asked question, and the hardest one to answer without having a precise description of the order. The prices vary enormously depending on what you, as a client, need. That is why we invite you to send us a message, describing your order. This way not only we’ll be able to give you a precise price quotation, but also give you some suggestions and advice concerning your future order. Maybe what you think you need won’t be as effective as something else we might suggest, and maybe the price difference will work to your advantage. You’ll never know until you reach out to us!

What format will I receive the files in?

The customer can receive files in any format he chooses. Usually the formats for visualizations are: .jpeg, .png, .tiff. The animations are usually prepared as the .mp4 or .avi. The models are saved in formats such as: .max, .3ds, .obj, .fbx. However, we operate in many programs and we are able to save our works in most of the availableformats.

Do you offer iterations?

Yes. We usually provide 2 rounds of iterations to each order, unless it is impossible to do so by the short time of order execution imposed by the client. We can of coursemanipulate the number of turns, but this will have an impact on the valuation. We focus on a precise brief and conversation with the client, which allows to minimize thenumber of changes in the project.

Will we get preview materials before final versions?

Yes. We always send visual materials to our clients - in a lowered rendering quality, in order to make sure that the entire composition of the visualization meets the expectations of the clients. Working in such phases allows us to introduce correctionsefficiently.

What if I don't have an exact idea for 3D visualizations and animations?

Our creative team will be happy to create a visualization and animation concept from scratch, based on the client's expectations.

Can you take care of the entire concept of campaign materials and the production of them?

Yes. Our creative team can undertake the concept of the campaign and the production of materials for it. We start by focusing on the target audience and what they want to see from your product.

Do you offer screenwriting or copywriting services for animation?

Yes. We can prepare texts for animation on the basis of materials sent by the client.

What if I need music or voiceover in my animation?

Our team is able to deal with this type of order comprehensively. We usually take music for animations from music banks with a paid license - about $ 50. We can also order a voice-over recording, which is later added when editing the animation.

How much does a second of animation cost?

We do not price animations for seconds or minutes. The main cost of creating an animation is creating a foundation of what is to be shown in it. The more complicated the product / service is presented and the effects used, the more expensive it will be to implement. In addition, the price per second will decrease as the animation lengthens. The cost of one second for a 5-second animation will be much higher thanfor a one-minute animation.

Do you operate under confidentiality clauses (NDA)?

Yes. However, the service comes at an additional cost. We like to share our projects with recipients and the NDA projects stay in the shadows.

How will communication be maintained throughout the duration of the creation process?

After commencing an order, customers are contacted directly, by our team member responsible for the execution of the order, to facilitate communication. For large and complex orders, where the entire team of graphic designers works on one task, a work coordination manager is implemented to facilitate communication with the client.

Can we become business partners?

Yes. We highly encourage you to send any cooperation proposals to our e-mail contact@tektura.studio

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