Novesto, Modernoff & Myroom SAFE


Novesto, Modernoff & Myroom SAFE

This time we approached the publication of the results of our work a bit differently.
Since we have already cooperated with several companies dealing in the production of doors and the assortment concerning them.
We present you not one but 3 case studies at the same time.

The first company is Novesto. We were asked to prepare a few visualizations that could be used on their website and in the catalog. They were supposed to show various interiors stylistically matched to the door.

In this type of realizations, packshots are also useful for producers.
They can also be used on the website and in the catalog.

The second client listed today is MyRoomSafe.
The company sells door handles with modern security.
In this case, not only did you have to show the product in an attractive room...

...the main assumption was to clearly show the function of this device!

It is true that everything is understandable without the use of words?

The magic of the pictures!

The last of the presented projects is the ModernOff company, which also produces doors. However, they prefer a very modern and unusual style. This is evident from their most original product - the door with a round finish at the top.

In order for this type of door to look good, the space must first of all be properly arranged!

In addition, we also prepared packshots. This time, at the customer's request, they are angled and have increased contrast.

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